Quick Start Guide

Electronic gadgets often come with a Quick Start Guide, also known as, “If you won’t read the instruction manual, at least read this one page, you lazy bum, before you break something.”

SO... one of our riders gave us this great idea: a Quick Start Guide.  If you don’t want to read all of this lovely yet annoying web site, here’s the minimum you need to know to have fun on the ride.

When Is the Ride

June 7-11, 2024

How Long Is It?

There are three full days of pedaling, plus two travel days (which are ALSO fun!)

Each day of pedaling is about 20-40 miles (your choice!) on very flat terrain.


All the pricing info in excruciating detail can be found right here.

How Do I Get to the Start Line in Pittsburgh?

We strongly recommend that you take Amtrak, even if you have your own car. It will make your whole trip much easier. All the details here.  We'll carry your fully-assembled bike and your gear on our truck for free so you don't have to take it on the train.

When and Where Do I Show Up?

If you are taking Amtrak from NYC to Pittsburgh meet us here with your gear and your fully-assembled bike:

Friday June 7th

9:30 a.m.

The NW corner of

W. 31st Street and Eighth Avenue

New York, NY

Look for our big Penske truck.

• • •

No matter how you get to Pittsburgh, this is when and where you should meet to begin pedaling:

Saturday June 8th

9:30 a.m.

Note that when you show up you should already be fed and coffee-ed!

No point in showing up earlier -- you'll just be standing around waiting on us!

Look for our big Penske truck outside in front of:

The Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel

600 Commonwealth Pl

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

(412) 391-4600

(You are not required to stay here of course, but it is where many of the cyclists will be sleeping overnight).

We will have your bike and gear.  You should still have a small bag with you that contains whatever you wore on the train, plus your toiletries. This bag MUST be fully closed -- pretend you are checking it on an airplane. (No open-top tote bags, no shoes dangling on the outside...)  We will give you a special luggage tag for that bag, and we will load that stuff into the truck for you

You should show up already dressed for bike riding, with your two water bottles already filled.  

If you drove to Pittsburgh your car should already be parked for the week. We love you, but we will not have time to wait while you search for parking.

What Should I Pack?

Take a look here for complete info.

Camping during the trip? Can't I Stay in a Hotel?


Once we hit the trail we will be camping overnight in the towns of:

West Newton, PA

Meyersdale, PA

If you want to stay at a bed and breakfast or hotel near those towns it is OK with us -- you can find some useful information here. But you are 100% responsible for getting yourself to and from that lodging -- we can not drive your gear or you there.

When Does the Ride End? How Do I Get Home?

You will wake up on June 11th in Cumberland, MD, and we will transport you to the Amtrak station for the trip home. (Department of Insane Trivia -- the popular Amtrak station in Cumberland does NOT have any train service!  Honest!  We'll transport you to the right spot to catch the train home). You'll arrive back in NYC in the early evening.  Our truck will be there with your bike and gear.

If you drove your own car to Pittsburgh, we offer an optional trip for your bike, luggage, and you back to our Pittsburgh start line.  That transportation costs $50 and must be booked in advance, during online registration.  You will arrive back in Pittsburgh at about 6:00 a.m. (Yes it's too early, but it's the only way to make the whole schedule work!)