Cool gear!  Now leave 99.9% of this stuff at home -- you don't need it for this trip!

Camping Gear

Yes, we will be camping out two nights.  Don't freak out on me man; this is all MUCH easier than it sounds AND a huge amount of fun!  Don't own any camping gear?  Not to worry -- got you covered!  (Or if you'd rather stay in bed & breakfasts, all the info is here).

Here is all you need for a great trip:

• Tent

• Sleeping bag

• Pad that goes under your sleeping bag

• Flashlight

That's it! Now I know that the gadget freaks among us (like me!) will want to bring MUCH more stuff, and you are welcome to do so, but it's really not necessary.  This is all you need. Remember we are staying in established campgrounds with toilets, running water, electricity... it's not like we are deep in the jungle!

When I did more backpacking I was always worried about how much stuff weighed. This is not a problem for you since we are carrying the gear in our truck. That means you can bring a super lightweight backpacking tent or that giant family-size car-camping tent with room for all of your friends.

Don't Have Any Gear of Your Own?  

Easy!  You can rent it at low prices right here. Don't wait until the last minute to reserve your gear!  Remember that this is summertime and we are staying in established campgrounds -- no need for snowshoes or -30 degree sleeping bags! HOWEVER... even in summer it can get cool at night -- FYI.

There are a couple vital rules about camping gear:

1. Nothing flammable. That means no camping stove fluid.  

2. As mentioned you can bring as much gear as you wish, but you must be able to lift each piece over your head. (Because if it's too heavy for you to lift, it's too heavy for us to lift!)

3. Pro-tip: If you are renting a tent, I am always a bit cautious when any tent manufacturer lists how many people will fit inside. When they state that they offer a 3-person tent, to me that means that TWO people can sleep comfortably. I think that a 4-person tent really fits three people, etc. etc.  FYI.