Dr. Fauci... or is it?

COVID Information for Pedal the G.A.P.

Update - January 2022

A LOT has changed since we first wrote the COVID policy for this trip.  Here's the latest.

* EVERYONE should bring TWO masks with them (so you can lose one of them, as I always do!)

• If you are taking Amtrak from NYC to Pittsburgh, they will require you to wear a mask onboard.  (I believe that the airlines and bus companies are doing the same.)

* You are not required to wear a mask in the campground or when you are riding.

* Some stores and restaurants along the trail may required you to wear a mask. That means that you should keep a mask with you on the bike at all times. You would hate to pull up on a yummy snack store and find out that they won't let you in because you don't have a mask with you.

* I'm GUESSING that we will have some people on the trip who will choose to wear a mask most of the time. Intelligent people can disagree, and we're all going to show friendly respect for those who may have opinions different than our own.

OK?  OK!