Photo by Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast, West Newton, PA

Bed & Breakfast

We are camping out every night on the trail, but we have heard from a few folks who want to stay in hotels or bed & breakfasts instead, and there's nothing wrong with that! Our only request is that you please let us know well in advance if you won't be staying at the campground (so we don't go searching for you!)

All the towns where we stay are pretty small, so the closest lodging is never far away, but please note that you are responsible for getting yourself to and from your bed & breakfast. We are happy to take your luggage every day to the next campsite for free -- you can pick up your gear there, or we can just store it overnight for you.  Of course you are alway welcome to hang out at the campsite with us, have a drink, and eat with us too, or just head your own way -- as you prefer.

Here's a list of places from the official G.A.P. Trail web site.

Evening of Saturday June 7th

West Newton, PA

Bright Morning Bed & Breakfast

Evening of Sunday June 8th

Meyersdale, PA

Donges Drive In and Motel

The Levi Deal Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Morguen Toole Company hotel & inn

Trailside Inn

Yoder's Guest House

NOTE: On the last night of the trip (the evening of Monday June 9th), EVERYONE is staying in a hotel  -- no camping that night. Your hotel room is already included in the price of the ride and we have taken care of the reservations -- no action from you is required.