How to Join the Ride

This is all much easier than it looks. Here's what to do:

1. Make sure you have the right bike for the ride. All the details here.

2. Click here to register for the ride.

3. Get yourself a train ticket to Pittsburgh. We have a truck to take your bike and luggage; the train is the best and safest way to get you to the ride. All the details here.  (You really do NOT want to drive yourself to Pittsburgh, which would require that you pay for parking while you are out pedaling the trail, AND you would need to get back to your car when the ride ends a hundred miles away from where you started).

4. You will arrive in Pittsburgh the evening before the ride. You need to book a hotel room near the start line. This is a MUST (unless you really like sleeping on park benches!)  All the info right here. (Of course if you have friends in Pittsburgh where you can stay free that's fine too.)