How to Get to the Pittsburgh Start Line

THE best way to get to the Pittsburgh start line is to catch the Amtrak train from Moynihan Hall -- the new wing of Manhattan's Penn Station.  It's across the street from Madison Square Garden in the former main post office building at W. 31st Street and 8th Avenue.

We'll have our truck parked right outside -- drop off your fully-assembled bike with us along with your gear -- all you need on the train is a small bag.


Everyone MUST book their own train ticket -- we do NOT book train tickets for you.  (We looked into purchasing as a group and it was actually more expensive than you booking your own trip!)

This is MUCH less complicated than it sounds -- just take it slow and you'll be fine! Please follow these directions carefully.

You are going to book two, completely separate, one-way tickets. Here's what to do.

1. Make sure you have registered for the ride BEFORE you buy a train ticket.  This is vital.  

2. Go to the Amtrak web page here.

3. Book your first one-way ticket:

FROM:  New York - Moynihan Train Hall  (Again, Moynihan Train Hall is the new extension of Penn Station -- located at W. 31st Street and 8th Avenue in the old post office building).

TO:  Pittsburgh - Union Station.

WHEN: You want to depart on Friday August 27th

Your screen on the Amtrak website should look like this:

At this writing there is only one train that day from NYC to Pittsburgh and it departs at 10:52 a.m. That's the one you want.

You will see a range of prices for tickets, and the difference is mostly about refunds and cancellation fees.  (The cheapest tickets allow no refund, the next more-expensive allow some refunds, etc. etc.)  The decision is yours.

Remember that we will be taking your bike and luggage in our truck. Amtrak allows only a very few bicycles on this train and charges extra -- do NOT pay to bring your bike on the train.

You may even be able to book a private room if you wish!

4. Now book another, completely separate, one-way ticket:

FROM:  Johnstown, Pennsylvania (NOT Pittsburgh!)

TO: New York City - Moynihan Hall

WHEN: Depart on Friday August 31st.


The screen for your second ticket should look like this:

You want Train #42 -- The Pennsylvanian -- departing Johnstown at 9:03 a.m. and arriving in New York City at 4:52 p.m.  CAREFUL -- this express train is the one you want. There is also a LOCAL train that departs at the same time but makes many stops, putting you into NYC hours later.  Don't do it!  Your screen should look like this:

Questions?  Problems?  Just drop us a note here.  Always glad to hear from you.

Careful! Make sure you pick these exact stations